Goals are the most important thing you can have when doing anything! Think of life’s journeys as road trips. As long as you have a pre-determined destination, then anything thrown in your way can easily be navigated! Too many people haphazardly stumble through life and can’t ever figure out why all these huge disappointments keep ruining their lives. It’s simply because they don’t have a clear objective! So, set your goal, think of how you’ll get there, and like a road trip, prepare for possible issues along the way. This way there will be no surprises, and you’ll already have plans in place to get back on track! In my case, I want to become a millionaire before I retire from the military. I have a minimum of 11 years until I am eligible to retire. So what are some possible complications? Deployments will come up and hinder my ability to keep track of investments, side hustles, and inevitably, this blog. So to prepare for that I’ll have to have plenty of content ready for while I’m gone, and will have to work extra hard to post while I’m gone when able. I’ve been dating my beautiful girlfriend for some time and will have to save for a ring, so that will affect how much I can invest monthly. Also, I have a decent amount in my savings account for unexpected expenses so I will be able to invest monthly at a minimum. Now go ahead! Think about your goals, possible complications, and ideas of how to handle those complications! As always! Please subscribe and follow me on my journey!

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