In a world where success stories are accessible by the cilck of a mouse it’s hard to remember how long it took these people to amass their fortunes. It’s not impossible to get lucky on some stock picks or invest in the right crypto but buy-in-large, most of these self made millionaires had to grind for years to get to where they are. This patience cannot be ignored as a major ingredient to success. Wealth and growth are more common to “Time in Market” as opposed to “Timing the Market” If you haven’t had a chance, grab a copy of John Bogle’s book “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing” It’s a very simple, fast read that discusses those concepts in much better depth. Basically, what you’re doing with this theory is your allowing the market to do what it does. With time, you can absorb those low market days that everyone freaks out on. Better yet, you learn to capitolize on those days and buy more when it’s low, setting yourself up for larger gains! I come from a hunting family and we have a philosophy, we never sell a gun. Theyre tool, but they’re also heirlooms. Start treating the right stocks like that and they will reward you!

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